Living Landscapes

Living Landscapes is a design practice that develops land-scaping interventions to regenerate nature.

Living in the Nederlands, where our design and planning tradition is defined by dominating nature, van Laarhoven uses a ‘go with the flow’ design mentality.
Living Landscapes develops design interventions that generate more self sustaining and biodiverse environments, which are inviting and accessible at the same time. Driven by this mission the practise supports challenges  like multifunctional and climate adaptive landscapes in different ways.


  • Distribution of ‘land-scaping’ mentality
    brainstorm sessions, lectures, seasonal study modules and master classes
  • Conceptual landscape design
    visions for large scale landscape transformation , designs for school gardens, rooftops and neighbourhood parks
  • Sketch sessions
    producing visual content of group discussions, transforming research and information in maps and graphics.


Haringvliet of the future

Underwater Forest on show! Episode of the tv series Stroom. Episode of Stroom by RTV Rijnmond that reports on the near future of the Haringvliet. This includes a new man made island an an Underwater forest (last part of the episode).